Bicol’s sugar and spice

By Giovanni Paolo J. Yazon

MANY beauty contest aficionados think that had Joyce Abajero Nocomura answered the final question in the recently concluded Miss Philippines-Earth pageant with a little more conviction, she would have won the crown.
But this 18-year-old, who hails from Camarines Sur, said she is happy with how things turned out and content with her title Miss Water.

According to Joyce, who is a cross between 1992 Bb. Pilipinas-Maja Marina Benipayo and 2003 Miss World fourth runner-up Mafae Yunon, she never expected to go that far in the competition.

She knew she wasn’t a crowd-favorite, unlike Sarah Katrina Miñoza (Miss Fire), Krystle Dizon (Miss Air) and eventual winner Jeanne Harn, who were always being followed by photographers and pageant pundits.

Lady luck, however, must have been by her side during the coronation night at the UP Theater. Because despite the fact she didn’t win an award, Joyce sailed through the semis and then on to the final round with ease. It was later learned that Joyce impressed the judges with her exceptional catwalk skills.

“I [would like to] attribute this feat to my being an uragon,” she enthused. “Because if you did something great and it impressed everybody, you could be called an uragon. I’m proud to be one!”


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